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Use these resources to help get approval for the upcoming 2020 National Student Council Conference.

The National Student Council Conference is an excellent way for students and advisers alike to bolster leadership skills, network with peers, and receive targeted training—but you can’t reap the benefits unless you attend! Using these downloadable tools, you can begin building your case for registration approval.

Complete the customizable request letter and send it to your principal, administrators, and/or school board to outline the numerous benefits of attending the upcoming conference in June. Once the conference has concluded, your students can complete the Student Conference Reflections Page to document what they’ve learned as well as create future leadership goals for themselves and for your student council. By sharing the student reflections with your school leaders, you can directly demonstrate the impact that the conference has on your students and the positive force they bring back to your school.

Download your support tools now!

 Download the Justification Letter

 Download the Student Conference Reflections Page