Who Can Attend

The National Student Council Conference is open to:

  • Any student in grades 6–11 during the 2019–20 school year
  • Faculty advisers
  • School administrators


NatStuCo delegates must be members of their school’s student council or aspiring student leaders. All students must have an adult adviser directly responsible for them. This adult may be the current council adviser, an adviser from another school, a principal-approved adult chaperone, or an official of the state association for student councils, as long as the individual who is responsible for that student is in attendance on-site throughout the conference and is identified on the delegate’s official registration form.

Adviser/Student Ratio

There are no restrictions on the number of students and/or advisers allowed from a school or state, but all delegations must adhere to the established adviser/student ratio for the conference.

The high school adviser/student ratio is at least one adviser per 15 students, and the middle level adviser/student ratio is one adviser per 12 students. Advisers from one school may take responsibility for students from other schools, as long as the ratio is maintained.

State Groups/Delegations

State groups/delegations are groups of attendees who travel with their state association or with an adviser or other official adult designee. The group’s state director, adviser, or official designee coordinates payment for the entire group, and attendees submit their registration fees to that individual directly. In turn, the state director, adviser, or official designee sends payment to NatStuCo. Group/state delegates register on a first-come, first-served basis.