Program Highlights

Building future leaders is a central element of the National Student Council Conference. Forthcoming conferences will continue to celebrate excellence in leadership as well as feature a wide variety of customized training sessions for student leaders and advisers.

For Students

Student leaders have much to share—project ideas, successful leadership strategies, effective activities, and more. The National Student Council Student Workshops feature outstanding student leaders in peer-to-peer training that harnesses their creativity and energy.

Students will also have the opportunity to share project ideas and council activity recommendations in less-structured networking sessions. Meeting and cultivating friendships with other students from across the country is often a highlight of the conference for student participants.

For Advisers

Advisers will enjoy seminars in subject areas that focus on the unique needs of student council, management, and the execution of activities and events. Seminar facilitators include experts and peers from the student leadership realm, national staff, and others.

Advisers will also have the opportunity to network and share their best council activities with fellow advisers while learning strategies to engage more students, fundraise more effectively, cultivate a more positive school climate, and more.