Presenter Information

The National Student Council Conference offers a wide variety of opportunities for students, advisers, and other adults to lead workshops and seminars.

The conference is first and foremost an opportunity for dialogue, learning, and exploration of topics important to students’ and educators’ personal and professional development.

Applications to be a student, adviser, or adult presenter at the 2019 NatStuCo Conference will be available at the beginning of 2019.

Speakers Showcase

The Speakers Showcase is an opportunity for attendees to preview outstanding speakers and trainers that address issues specific to middle level and high school students. This is also an excellent forum for speakers to gain national visibility for future speaking opportunities.

The goal of the Speakers Showcase is for conference attendees to:

  • Be positively impacted by a speaker’s message and take their learnings back to their school to use immediately.
  • Recommend speakers for events in their states and schools.

In addition to student delegates and advisers, conference attendees include state executive directors of state student council associations, many of whom will be looking for potential speakers for their state conferences.

Applications to be part of the 2019 National Student Council Conference Speakers Showcase will be available at the beginning of 2019.