Forms & Information (2017)

Please review the documents listed below and make sure to complete all requested forms.

Forms to Complete and Submit On-Site

For Students and Parents/Guardians

Acceptable Conduct Policy and Student Commitment Form »

For Advisers

Adviser Commitment Form »
Advisers: Please distribute the Acceptable Conduct Policy/Student Commitment Form to your students and ensure they are signed by a parent/guardian. Make a copy of each form for your personal conference travel file prior to your departure and bring all forms to the conference.

Forms to Submit by May 19, 2017

Hotel Rooming List Form »
Fill out who will be staying in your room block and email or fax this form to the appropriate hotel, after you’ve made your hotel reservations.

Credit Card Authorization Form
Submit the appropriate form to your hotel if you are paying by credit card. You can find your hotel’s contact information here.

Form to Submit by June 1, 2017

Transportation Form »

The online transportation form is now closed. If you have transportation questions and/or did not submit your conference transportation needs by June 15 (the extended deadline), please contact Lani Buskey at Pre- and post-conference transportation options are at capacity and no longer available.

If your transportation needs were submitted by the extended deadline date of June 15, conference bus transportation will be offered at all three official conference hotels listed below, starting on Monday, June 26.

All state directors and advisers who are attending the conference with or without a delegation are required to provide their transportation information online, whether or not they plan on using the conference bus transportation.

For any advisers who are not part of a state delegation, you will need to provide your transportation information for yourself and any students who are in your charge. You are required to provide transportation information online, whether or not you and your students plan on using the conference bus transportation. Form must be submitted by Thursday, June 15.

Anyone who does not submit their information by June 15, will not be able to participate in the bus transportation service throughout the conference.

Forms for Review

Sample Medical Permission Form »
This form is a sample medical form and it is not collected at the conference. Each attendee is required to have a medical permission form on their person at all times throughout the conference. District and/or school medical permission forms are acceptable.

Hotel Information

The official conference hotels are approximately 30–40 minutes from the school. The Radisson Hotel Nashua is the farthest hotel from the school at approximately 40 minutes away. If you will be utilizing your own transportation, please keep the travel distance in mind.

The hotels vary in their offerings of what is near them, e.g., restaurants, shopping, etc., so please keep this in mind for your pre- and post-conference plans.

Pre-conference Activities

If your group is arriving to the area early, take part in the Pinkerton Academy pre-conference activity.

These activities are not sponsored or endorsed by NASC/NASSP.

Pre- and Post-Conference Bus Transportation

If your travel plans include sightseeing before or after the conference, Pinkerton Academy is offering bus rentals for a fee. If you are in need of pre- and/or post-conference bus transportation, the form will be available in late February.

Additional Information

Substitution Form » 
Should you need to make any substitutions, fax or email this form by June 16 or bring the form to the conference.

Dietary Restrictions and Special Needs

Please email us at if anyone in your delegation has dietary and/or other special needs that were not included on the registration form.

If you have any questions, please contact Tammy Wightman or Ginny Hodson at